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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro в Ереване

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Страна: Корея

Тара: надёжная коробка

Вес: 34 гр.

Платформа: Tizen

Процессор: Exynos 3250 (1.0 ГГц), 2 ядра

Память: ОЗУ – 512 МБ, ПЗУ – 4 ГБ

Датчики и модули: пульсометр, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC и ГЛОНАСС

Диагональ: 1,5 дюйма

Разрешение: 432 х 216 пикселей

Защита сенсора: стекло Gorilla Glass 3

Аккумулятор: 200 мАч

Товар сертифицирован

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And it all boils down to one question: A bright, shiny and colourful curved OLED screen is worth showing off. Screen and comfort: The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is perfectly pleasant to wear.

Характеристики Samsung Gear Fit2 PRO SM-R365 black-red (SM-R365NZRASER)

This is a 1. Watch faces look fantastic, and all those pixels make reading notifications, WhatsApp messages and email headers more comfortable than just about any other device in this class. We could spend an inconclusive hour arguing about whether this is really a smartwatch or not, but in use it feels more like one than any band-shaped thing from Fitbit or Garmin.

Software and apps: For the most part you navigate through the Fit2 Pro using the curvy touchscreen, but there are also two buttons on the side.

  • Screen and comfort:
  • Они отличаются поддержкой технологии Samsung Acoustic Beam и функцией адаптивного звука Adaptive Sound.
  • В рамках этой программы Huawei собирается нанять
  • Samsung Health и Under Armour:
  • Напомним Galaxy Fit e был анонсирован в феврале нынешнего года.

So there is an apps menu - that means this is a smartwatch, right? While the Fit2 Pro uses the same basic Tizen OS software and lets you download third-party apps, the vast majority of these are just watch faces.

There are loads, and loads, of these on offer. But actual apps?

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Even these apps are technically watch faces too, but sneak app functionality into them. Samsung has baked a bunch of features into the Gear Fit2 Pro as standard, though. For example, you can send music over to the band using Bluetooth, then listen to them with wireless headphones.

Its fitness cred is great too. Run and walk tracking is more reactive than most too, auto-pausing whenever you stop.

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This can be switched off if the pauses are all part of the plan. The latter are fully guided, count your reps and monitor your heart rate. A swimming mode is what separates the Gear Fit2 Pro from the original Fit2.

Battery life: Samsung says the 200mAh battery should last up to four days. Up to nine hours of solid GPS use is decent, but you pay for the fancy screen with stamina.

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Фитнес-браслет Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

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